Outfit Management

This app sorts outfit players by rank and displays their BR and inactivity period

Suggested Promotions: 0
Suggested Kicks: 0

    Known bugs / to do list

  • Add pretty styling ✔
  • Add ability to choose own suggestion parameters ✔
  • Getting K/D for each member ✔
  • Search for outfit with query string ✔
  • Search for the outfit tag by player name


Change the values of the promotion / kick suggestions by editing the values in the center of the screen.
Then re-search for the outfit TAG to re-render the tables and get updated suggestions.
If a player should be promoted and kicked, Then the kicked suggestion will prioritise.
The default values are the following:
Promotions: Rank 4: 6 months, Rank 5: 1 month
Kicks: Rank 3: 2 months, Rank 4: 1 month, Rank 5: 1/2 month

Outfit Tag:
Rank 3 Inactive (Days Not Played):
Rank 4 Inactive (Days Not Played):
Rank 5 Inactive (Days Not Played):
Rank 4 Promotion (Days In Outfit):
Rank 5 Promotion (Days In Outfit):